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Victoria Duff has always been a highly respected writer. She has mastered Wall Street and marketing writing, with a reputation for being able to explain complex concepts in easy-to-understand terms, in keeping with the SEC’s Plain English Initiative. While a stockbroker, she wrote her own compliance-approved marketing materials; regularly achieving a 7 percent reply rate on list mailings. All her many business plans have made it into consideration by major Angel and Venture Capital firms, and her investor relations and compliance documents are regularly called “the best I have ever read,” by top attorneys and venture investors. Her experience has given her insight into many industries, including consumer products, apparel, promotional products, trucking, real estate, digital technology, biotech, automotive and retail. Victoria also has had articles published by The Motley Fool, Zack’s, The Houston Chronicle and other online publishers. She has been an Internet industry columnist for the Digital Coast Reporter and a timeshare industry columnist for Developments Magazine.

Victoria began her career on Wall Street in 1973, working for William K. Beckers at Spencer Trask (New York), the top institutional preferred stock house.

In 1975 she joined Blyth Eastman Dillon (New York) where she managed the new-issue corporate bond distribution book. While at BEDCO, she became one of the few women on Wall Street to be licensed as a Registered Representative.

In 1976, she was hired by Loeb Rhoades to be an institutional corporate bond broker in their San Francisco office – the third woman to become an institutional bond broker in the nation – and after Loeb Rhoades was merged into another firm in 1976, she was hired to work on the funding desk at Wells Fargo Bank (San Francisco), as part of a professional staff tasked with bringing Wells Fargo from regional bank status to a major money center bank. She was the top producer throughout her employment there.

In 1982, Victoria became the asset/liability manager of Eureka Federal Savings in San Carlos, California, then the nation’s fourth-largest S&L. While at EFS, she managed a $280 million bond portfolio, managed interest rate strategy, achieved one of the lowest cost of funds in the nation and was a key player in planning and implementing for S&L deregulation.

In 1983, she was recruited to join Prudential Bache in New York as part of a team tasked with helping the firm to become a recognized government bond dealer. The only female institutional bond broker in the firm, she became one of the top producers and achieved the largest trade the firm had ever done – a record that stood for many years. She was also a key player in the creation of two new investment products and became one of Wall Street’s first women to attain the title of Institutional Vice-President. While at Pru, one of the top auto manufacturers asked her to oversee the management of their new $1.5 billion intermediate Treasury bond portfolio and train the company staff in bond portfolio management.

She was hired away by Thomson McKinnon in New York in 1987 in their transition to build a more influential bond department. When Thomson went out of business after the Crash of 1987, she moved to Los Angeles where she became a retail stockbroker for Dean Witter. During her 4 years there, she was the top producer in one of the firm’s largest Southern California offices and, in 1995 was recruited by Prudential Securities to be a stockbroker in their Palos Verdes office.

Victoria left the investment industry to start her own business consultancy, aBusinessPlan.com, in 1997. For nearly 2 decades she planned, facilitated and launched new companies and new divisions for her happy clients and became one of the most influential women in the Southern California startup scene. She functioned as a start-up facilitator, enterprise analyst, strategic adviser, venture finance catalyst, investor liaison, author, and speaker. Her clients come to her via personal recommendation and she has been quietly writing some of the best-regarded business plans in the country, crafting them to highlight exactly what the venture investment community wants to see.  She has also prepared companies for IPOs, skillfully handled both pre- and post-IPO investor relations and written compliance documents. She speaks venture investor language thanks to her 20-year background in top-tier Wall Street investment banking, and because of that, her company has been a favorite referral of Venture Capital Funds, Angel Investor Groups, and top law and accounting firms.

Victoria specializes in all forms of business and finance writing, including compliance documents, business plans and investor communications. She is also a gifted long-form direct marketing copywriter. She blogs and is experienced with both past and current SEO techniques. Her clients value her as a quick-study and knowledgeable about a wide variety of business models, marketing strategies and revenue models.

She has a wide variety of interests, rising at 4am every day to catch the close of Asian markets and the open of European markets. She is active in the startup community and enjoys working with clients all over the world. She is an avid art collector and is learning to spot wild mushrooms for her gourmet cooking. Victoria is also working with elite scientists and former Stargate remote viewers in consciousness studies.


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