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Victoria Duff, Founder

Business Experience - After 20 years as a line executive in top-tier Institutional Investment Banking and 5 years in Retail Financial Services, I started my own business in 1997:, which provides startup advisory, deal choreography, business plans, investor relations & disclosure documents.  

Building & Teaching– My talent for learning complex concepts and translating them into simple processes for clients and new employees was recognized during my earliest days on Wall St. where I had a reputation for being able to do deals others thought impossible.  

I have also been consistently involved in team building and management throughout my career. I rebuilt and led both Webgrrls-LA and AIP-LA, both 501(c)(6), to success as major Internet Industry networking organizations during the late 1990s and early 2000s..   

My intuitive and analytical talents have been key in bringing my clients’ business ideas to fruition through my hands-on involvement in planning, implementing and launching businesses, often for inexperienced entrepreneurs.

My clients have included major Angel Investor groups, apparel manufacturers, biotech companies, major mobile app producers, major web business M&A firm, solar panel distributor, large pecan producer and distributor

My current focus is on the cannabis industry:

  • Planning, funding and launch of a breakthrough Ag-tech company specializing in aeroponic grow rooms, greenhouses, and outdoor water-saving field systems.
  • Updating and reorganizing branding and marketing efforts for an established leader in the cannabis business training, consulting, and management of cannabis companies of all types.

Thank you for your consideration,

Victoria Duff

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