Services, Cannabis Business Specialty

Business Planning


Our business planning sessions 

are our most popular service.

Business planning is much more than simply writing a document. It is an entire process of identifying and optimizing your business strengths and minimizing its weaknesses before we even begin to write 

your business plan document. 

Cannabis Industry Specialty


We are helping to build the 

Cannabis Industry 

We have advised and developed Cannabis businesses involved in genetics, seed-to-sale, training, management, and leading-edge Ag-tech research and development. 

We also are connected with the legal, accounting, and other resources you need. 

Investment Banking


We prepare companies for  Public and Private Offerings of Equity and Debt

Most young companies need funding to support their expansion into greater market share and new revenue streams. 

We help with the careful preparation and, often, reorganization and clean-up of startup mistakes that you need to succeed.